Investing is a dynamic, not a static process.

The future winners in the energy sector will be the best allocators of capital and free cash flow and they will invest and embrace the energy transition and ESG.

Yves C. Siegel, CFA

At SAM Partners, we employ a long-term value driven approach to investing in the energy sector as it transitions toward a decarbonized future.

Established in 2020, we are a registered value-based investment advisory firm for high net worth individuals and institutional investors. With a bottom up/top down-research and ESG-driven philosophy,

the firm invests in a concentrated portfolio of high-quality midstream energy companies/Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), utilities, renewable energy companies, and special situations.

SAM Partners is also a sub-advisor to ELCO Management Company, LLC, a multi-strategy investment firm. 

what distinguishes us

 Integrity and Ethics

Conduct ourselves in an ethical manner and with the highest level of integrity

Research Driven Philosophy

Investments based on a
bottom up/top down-fundamental review of companies and their ESG rating

Provide superior customer service that entails transparency, responsiveness and open communication

Commitment to Superior Client Service

We recognize and value the power of long-term relationships 

 Long-Term Relationships

Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

30+ years buyside and analyst experience with deep industry knowledge & relationships 

30+ years buyside and analyst experience with deep industry knowledge & relationships 

Concentrated Portfolio Construction

A concentrated portfolio of 20-30 high-conviction securities.  

Investment Thesis

The world is moving decisively toward decarbonization, but it will take several decades to reach this milestone. In the meantime, consumption of fossil fuels will continue to increase globally because of population and economic growth, primarily in developing nations.

The infrastructure strategy is a timely way to invest in this dynamic.

Contrarian Value

The midstream energy sector is attractively valued by historical metrics and provides investors with a robust dividend. We believe that the market has not yet recognized the transformation from rapid growth and high capital expenditures to maturation with increasing free cash flow generation.

Low Carbon & Renewable Energy

Electricity from renewable energy sources is growing rapidly. This decarbonization megatrend will play out over many years. Perhaps less appreciated is that the portion of energy consumption from natural gas is also increasing. Renewables and natural gas have gained market share in electricity generation at the expense of coal and petroleum.


The growth in demand for low carbon fuels will stretch beyond electricity and have increased applications in other uses. YieldCos, similar in structure to MLPs, are an attractive vehicle to participate in the renewable energy trend. Demand for incremental clean fuels, like hydrogen, may be the next big disruptor in the coming decade.



Beneficiaries of new investments in grid modernization to improve reliability and the aggressive adoption of renewables to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. The value proposition is yield plus growth.

Special Situations 

Up to 20% of the portfolio may be invested in other securities opportunistically that meet our cash flow and risk criteria.

Investment Strategy

Portfolio construction is based on the following:


Rigorous bottom up fundamental review of each company.


Portfolio companies that have sustainable businesses with strong balance sheets, high barriers to entry, stable cash flows, management track record of success and favorable ESG ratings.


Downside risk is mitigated by insightful industry experience, proprietary research, active monitoring of portfolio, and direct engagement with senior company management and sell-side analysts.


Disciplined sell policy is based on an active monitoring of company fundamentals, tax considerations and stock valuation.


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